1. Being Orientated in #etmooc

    Well, seeing as #etmooc has officially started, I figured that I should probably get to work on my first post (because if I don’t, I might procrastinate it until 2014).

    My name is Pat Telfer, and I’m a middle years/high school teacher in Naicam, Saskatchewan. Currently, I’m teaching Gr 7-9 English Language Arts and Communications Media 10, 20, and 30. I also serve as the New Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship Consultant (or NMLDCC  for “short” and I even have business cards).  

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    In the past, I’ve taught…well…just about everything from Kindergarten (longest 60 minutes of my LIFE) to Grade 12 Calculus and have tried to integrate technology into almost every stop along the way. 

    I’m looking forward to connecting with other educators from around the world during the course of this MOOC and maybe even learning a thing or two about technology and myself. 

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